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Plastic free lip balm

Plastic Free Lip Balm

The average consumer is increasingly aware of the need for environmental sustainability. They want to stop the massive influx of plastic into the oceans each year and avoid chemicals that can make them sick.


Plastic and single-use waste are huge problems in the beauty industry. It is estimated that the beauty industry produces 120 billion units of packaging (Glamour). That’s a lot of garbage! For this reason, beauty product markets, including lip balm, are shifting to become zero waste products. Throwing away a single-use tube of lip balm is a colossal waste and fills up landfills and oceans with plastic.


It’s important to turn to sustainable, eco-friendly brands. Help us chip away at saving the ocean from plastics with plastic-free lip balm!

Plastic-Free Packaging Vs. Recycling


Some beauty products are responding to the call of sustainability with recyclable containers. Although recycling single-use plastics seems beneficial, it doesn’t make a big impact on reducing the consumption of plastic. Furthermore, companies do not always do their diligence in effective recycling. This culminates in plastics ending up in landfills. 


Therefore, the push for reusable and eco-friendly packaging is increasing. Some companies have turned to shipping bars of shampoo in cardboard boxes. Others use glass or metal containers for skincare products. Still, many beauty products remain a massive problem for the environment. Some people are unaware of reusable products, and others simply continue to use routine single-use, shiny, painted plastics.

What Does “Green” Really Mean

Eco-friendly products emerged due to an increased need for transparency. Before, much of how companies ran, operated, sourced, and marketed their products was a mystery. It was intentionally hidden from the consumer. 


However, customers can still be disillusioned when purchasing eco-friendly products. Some companies market themselves as “green” when they are not. Their focus is on the bottom line instead of their environmental impact or consumer priorities. 

This problem is complicated because very little is required to label a product as a green product. Therefore, identifying safe and sustainable products is more challenging than simply looking for the word “green” or “natural” on a label.


However, because customers have demanded transparency there are some companies starting to oblige. It’s important to find brands committed to transparency of ingredients and safe practices. 

Benefits of Plastic-Free Lip Balm

Hylo plastic free lip balm

Luckily, there are brands committed to safety and the environment beyond just labels. Hylo’s plastic-free lip balm is a zero-waste product. 


There are 2 major benefits of using Hylo lip balm. First, it is environmentally friendly and avoids plastic waste. Currently, 11 million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean each year by the beauty industry (Glamour). This means that in 2050, we will have more pounds of plastic than fish in our oceans (United Nations). In order to avoid this future, we must purchase sustainable, reusable products. Hylo lip balm comes in gorgeous, refillable aluminum containers that are 100% plastic-free. Simply insert lip balm refills to reuse. It effectively ends the need for single-use plastic lip balm. In addition, Hylo’s packaging is mycelium which is biodegradable. In fact, it biodegrades in the grass within just 45 days!


The second benefit is that the ingredients in this lip balm are all-natural. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax are some of the rich, organic ingredients found in Hylo. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is naturally occurring in the human body. Hyaluronic acid is the secret ingredient the beauty industry is raving about. It pulls moisture to your lips and heals them. 


Other ingredients include shea butter and vitamin E. There are no harmful preservatives or fillers in Hylo. 


Some beauty products still contain harmful chemicals for you and the planet. The worst culprits include lead, heavy metals, and plastics. However, Hylo contains luxurious natural, eco-friendly, safe ingredients. 

Hylo: The Newest Way to Support the Planet, Our Wallets, and Our Smiles

Hylo is new—brand new. In fact, it’s still on Kickstarter. Hylo’s innovative approach to solving the single-use plastic problem has allowed it to become fully funded within days. Hylo lip balm solves the need for single-use products and eliminates plastic in your lip care. Its sleek design, superior ingredients and call for sustainability make it the best product for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

At Hylo, our commitment to the environment and ethics isn’t just lip service. Plastic-free lip balm is only the beginning. A bright future of sustainable innovation awaits.

Back Hylo, the eco-friendly lip balm on Kickstarter and be the change our world needs.

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